Google Chrome Partner

Google Chrome OS & Device Management. More than just a browser, Chrome offers the leading cloud-connected operating system & business devices for meetings, computing & signage.

Development devices with Google Chrome Enterprise Deployment Aid

Whether you're implementing Google Chrome to supersede laptops for employees, refresh call center agent equipment, or power digital signage, kiosks or video conferences, Trinity cloud is with you every step of the way. Trinity cloud aid is designed to ascertain prosperity through each facet of Chrome deployment, resulting in devices that are ready-to-use and optimized to aid you meet your business goals.

Google Chrome Enterprise Deployment Aid

Deployment and Management Aid:

  • Consultation and deployment concoct
  • White Glove aid including unboxing the device, charging, testing, updating, enrolling, asset tagging and more
  • Integration with third-party solutions such as single sign on, directory aid and more
  • Apps and extension aid to customize features and functionality
  • Network assessment
  • Cloud print consulting

Training Aid:

Trinity cloud provides employee device training, Administrator training and aid desk support training.

Support Aid:

Trinity cloud provided by phone or remotely through Google Hangout or Chrome Remote Desktop.

Digital Signage:

A powerful, turnkey, cost-effective digital signage solution including project management of:

  • Content management software and systems
  • Network and infrastructure powered by Google
  • Media devices powered by Google Chrome
  • Support for multiple exhibit options
  • Deployment, installation and monitoring aid