Big Data

We assist our clients to achieve excellence in business, administrative and governmental organizations through expert research, planning and implementation to deliver the high standards of service and quality that bring the Trinity’s experience more strong and trusted. Trinity provides a variety of associated services, including Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Professional Services and our expertise spans the areas of Data Warehousing, Systems Integration, Enterprise Solutions, Business Intelligence, e-Commerce ERP/ECM/CRM, Training and Support, Web Development and so on.


At Trinity, we strive to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients and consumers. We promote an inclusive environment where the contributions of our employees are valued. Trinity’s diverse corporate culture allows us to have a multitude of creative ideas from our employees that drives us to success in the competitive market place.


Trinity is committed to providing the best service to our customers, from CONSULTING, STAFFING, SUPPORT, and TRAINING solutions. Our whole process is customer centric. We provide services that meet their expectation and this remains our priority throughout.

Areas of Expertise are:

  • Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Business intelligence
  • Internet/Intranet Security
  • Data/Database Management
  • SQL Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Ecommerce ERP/ECM/CRM
  • Network Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Apache Spark
  • SAP Development
  • Web Development
  • iOS Development
  • Training and Support
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • SDK Development
  • Hadoop Development
  • Mainframe Programming
  • Technical Writing