About Us

Best People. Best Practices. Best Value.

Trinity Cloud is a leading Information Technology Consulting Company- whether you’re rolling out new technology, maintaining current technological infrastructure or developing new applications we can provide you with the perfect solutions to help meet your business objectives.

Our talent management expertise ensures that you receive the absolute best IT talent for the job so that your workforce is empowered, engaged and structured for long-term success.

We drive your company to the next level by providing a superior quality of services and generating new products. The saying “time is money” resonates well in today’s business world and here at Trinity Cloud we ensure that our clients receive the best services by offering value and efficiency.

Our pro-active services are delivered from our offices located in North America is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year with phenomenal customer satisfaction rates.

Our Mission

To connect, attract, enrich and kindle talent.

Our Vision

To provide highly effective, lean and fast-moving work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Why Trinity

  • Dedicated to the 3 S’s in IT: Solution, Staffing and Support
  • Specialization in the 3 C’s: Consulting, Cloud and Cyber Security
  • We can support your development, test and produce applications, assist with   infrastructure and provide cutting-edge solutions by using testing, BI, analytics, mobile and so much more…
  • As an international player based in the US & Canada, we have a local touch and a global reach
  • Backed by Trinity Tech Group consisting of 2000+ professionals
  • We thrive on taking on your challenges and delivering high quality solutions
  • We are committed to action and producing results
  • Our decentralized and flat organization makes us fast-moving and committed.
  • We are known for having world-class entrepreneurial and dedicated resources with a flexible and problem-solving approach
  • We have an extensive industry knowledge that makes us understand your needs and we love what we do!

Message from the Founder

"At the very core of Trinity Cloud is our people. We go to extraordinary extents to hire the best of the best. People who demonstrate strength in character, remarkable talent and are driven to go the extra mile. Passionate individuals make all the difference and we are confident you feel the same way. Here at Trinity Cloud we strive to provide you with the best services in solution, staffing and support- we do not settle for anything less than the best and neither should you"